Thursday, April 10, 2014

10 Essential Travel Items

I was packing for another seminar last night and I started putting together my things that I tend to take or things that I prepare to make a smoother/enjoyable trip.

1.  I bring Organo Gold Instant coffee.  Best instant coffee I've tried.  Usually early morning hotels, coffee not good, but they have hot water.  I can get my early morning elixir without leaving the room.

2.  A hard ball of some sort.  Roll out my calf, hips, feet after I've been in a car or a plane for hours.

3.  Food.  I bring King Oscar jalapeno sardines.  Justin's single serve almond butter.  Gum.

4.  Fish oil capsules/multivitamin.

5.  Headphones.  Even if your traveling by car.  These are useful in a hotel.

6.  Downloaded podcasts.  These have been my lifesaver lately.  I used to hate being in a car.  These have made them tolerable.  My must listens.  Dan Carlin Hardcore History. (stuff I learn is amazing) Joe Rogan (1 out of 5 I find really interesting)  Bulletproof Exec (Has some pretty interesting guests.

7.  One hard book.  I read almost exclusively on my kindle app on my Samsung Note 3.  It's always nice to have a back up though.

8.  Moleskin.  I still prefer to write my notes and ideas on paper.  (extra pens)

9.  Eye drops.  (nothing can ruin things faster then an annoying contact)

10.  Duct tape.  Always carry it with me.  Only needed it once, but it saved the day.

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