Sunday, April 20, 2014

On The Road to Master, Leave Room for Curiosity

If you don't know where you are going, how will you know when you get there?  I've heard this repeated several times in its relationship with goals and goal setting.  Define the objective, work towards meeting it.  

I attend many seminars each year with the objective of getting better at the goals I've identified that will help with my manual therapy and strength and conditioning.  Hopefully, to allow me to get clients better, healthier, stronger, faster

Recently,  I was laying around thinking about what I was learning and realized if I can clearly define what a dysfunctional joint is, if I can clearly define what abnormal tension is, if I can clearly define the why of the tension, if I can clearly define how to improve both, what else is there?  

Mastery.  This part is obvious.  This part is just as much art as science.  Stay on the path.  Work towards mastery.

But...there is also this nagging little thing in the back of my mind that whispers this quote. "I don't know,  what I don't know."

Stay curious, keep searching, explore paths you don't think will lead anywhere.  Perhaps the stuff you read or seminars you attend will just confirm that the path you are on in the process of mastery is the right one, perhaps it will enhance the mastery, perhaps it will lead nowhere.  It may open up to another path you didn't know existed.  "No Education is ever wasted."

"On your path to Mastery, leave room for Curiosity."

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