Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Exploring the Sport of Girevoy

Girevoy is another name for Kettlebell sport.  It is a sport that developed out of Russia in the late 1940's.  There are now several organizations that have governing bodies attached to them.  It is a sport that is growing and wants to become a standard sport across countries throughout the world.

The premise is simple, whoever lifts the kettlebell the most in 10 minutes without putting the kettlebell down wins.

There are three standard movements.  They are the Jerk, Snatch and the Long Cycle.

The jerk requires a man to swing up 2 bells and a woman to swing one.  The only rest is in the rack position.  2 knee dips are allowed.  Only one clean is performed to start, then it is pressed up continuously.  Women can change hands one time.

The snatch is one bell for men and women.  Swing the bell up in one movement.  Arm is locked straight.  The only rest is at the top.  One arm switch is allowed.

Long Cycle is the jerk but instead of lowering the weight, it is swung between the legs and then cleaned to the chest before each rep.  Clean, jerk, lower to a swing, repeat.

Athletes are classified by bodyweight.

Kettlebells are classified by color.  Yellow is 16kg, Green is 24kg, Red is 32kg.  Women and juniors use 16, Men and professional women use 24 and Professional men use 32.

I personally have decided to train to do the snatch.  My elbow's lack of flexion won't allow me to do a clean.   I've started working with the 16kg and it is definitely challenging.  Hands, grip and forearm take a beating!  Chalk up and go.  It's a great aerobic workout.  In one STUDY  it improved VO2max in college soccer athletes.  Here is a sample of a competition.

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