Thursday, April 3, 2014

Cool Reads This Week

I really thought Mike Robertson did a great job describing energy system work for athletes.  10 Nuggets, Tips and Tricks for Energy System.

This article from Runners World has some good information.  I tend to agree with the point that the foot strike is more about the hips.  It gives some nice exercise demonstrations for the hip muscles.  The best quote, "Research has shown that strengthening alone-without retraining movement patterns, does not alter mechanics. The individual must own the new pattern or it will not be durable."

Practice!  You have to practice.  It's All in the Hip.

For any Therapists that are interested in learning more about PRI and the Lat Muscle.  Lat: Secret Player.  (only for therapists)

Always cool to read about how our understanding of the human body is growing.   This article talks about the new Goo found on bone surface that allows shock absorption.  Shock Absorbing Goo. 

Dr. John Berardi give an important perspective on learning to shut off and recoup and let your body and mind recover.  Something we all probably need to pay more attention to.  Sleep, Stress and Salmon.

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