Thursday, April 24, 2014

Random and Interesting

This post from Mark Sisson covers the multitude of positive outcomes that our gut bacteria do for us. It's a very complete spectrum of the importance of gut health.  7 Things You Had No Idea Gut Bacteria Do.

A variation of a lunge I've been doing is lunging forward, keeping the heel down and driving the knee forward.  Keep the heel down and as the knee goes as far forward as you can get it.  Maximum dorsiflexion and then drive through the heel to go to your next lunge.  It recruits more hip activity it seems, but also works on creating better dorsiflexion.

Want an easy but effective way to keep the weight off.  It seems exposure to morning sun is a driving force in having a lower BMI (Body Mass Index).  Pretty interesting.  Morning Rays Keep off Pounds.  It may have something to do with setting the natural circadian rhythm we have built in.

Can your foot position, arch height, intrinsic foot muscles help predict and stop baseball pitching injuries.  Pretty interesting ideas and theories about how the foot has the potential to influence pitchers staying healthy.  Pitching is a controlled fall.  One of the more striking comments was that pitchers that had a previous ulnar collateral ligament damage scored worse on a Y-balance test.  Cleat Smarts: Foot posture.  

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