Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Expert Killed My Plant

I used to have a bonsai tree in my office that was outstanding.  I'd water it once every couple weeks and for over 3 years it thrived.  I get lots of sunlight in my office.  (FOR MICHIGAN)  One day a patient started talking about how I wasn't watering it enough and that it should be more like a good flooding once a week.

I don't know anything about plants or taking care of them.  No green thumb, just therapists thumb.  So I did what "expert" thought was right.  In a month it was dead.  The roots got some type of rot.

I also have a small Jade plant that I bought because the person at Lowes told me it very resilient.  I water this guy once a week.  He's doing great.  Healthy as any plant can be.  Once again a patient (plant person) tells me I'm watering this one to much.  They only need to be watered once a month.  Hmm...

I've had this plant for about two years.  I've watered this plant once a week.  It is almost impossible for this plant to look more healthy.  I'm going to stay with what is working.

The books may say this, my experience says this.  Perhaps the books are right.  What doesn't get taken into the equation is the heat of my room, the humidity, sun exposure.  Perhaps the heat of my laptop does something. Who knows!

I'm not negating what the experts say, but I'm going to put more stock into my experience and what is working for my plants.

Now reread this and substitute the plants as patients/athletes and water as treatment/training.

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