Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Knowing Histology

Knowing histology is a big part of a successful treatment plan.  Pain with motion and no pain with rest probably means that it will respond to tissue work.  Less pain with motion, but an increase pain at night, most likely means inflammation.  Movement is the most powerful anti-inflammatory there is.  Would you want to do lots of soft tissue work on an inflamed muscle?  Probably not.   Isometric treatments may be great, as they impose no inflammatory response on the joint.  Pain that returns after a long lay off, lets say from running, most likely is mechanical in nature.  These tend to be the home run treatments.  Change one thing, how the joint moves, and people think you are magic.  There was no pathology.  Rest had no influence.  Pin point pain means something separate then if someone does a general rubbing of the area.  Tendonosis vs referral pain.

All of these described scenarios above have different histology's with different treatments and different outcome time tables.  Hopefully you know the difference.

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