Monday, April 7, 2014

A Preview of Alan Argon or Go Ahead and Eat the Apple

Alan Argon is a nutrition researcher and is presenting in Toronto in June.  I hope to attend.  I like his no nonsense style.  It's researched.  Here is the link to the Seminar.  Get Ready Toronto. 

Here is a sample article.  Nutrition expert Alan Argon Uncovers 5 Nutrition Myths.  If you have have believed any of these in the past...get ready to have your thinking shifted.

I think I can sum up a few things.  Salt, Sugar and Fat are not evil.  Total caloric intake and energy output are key.  In the 70's we consumed 2100kcal, today it's up to 2700kcal per day.  We are not as active either.

People these days are afraid of fruit.  Don't be afraid to eat that apple.  When did it get this confusing?  Why are people worried about the fructose in an apple?

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