Monday, April 21, 2014

Kettlebell Certifications

First, I like kettlebells.  I think they are fun.  I own 15lb or 7kg to 106lb or 48kg.  I view them as a tool.  I'm not a kettlebell guy, just like I'm not a TRX guy or insert "another" tool guy.  I do like them though.

My question becomes why are the Kettlebell certifications so expensive?  A few years ago the RKC seminar was close to 3000 dollars with the caveat that you would have to do a recertification every year.

Pavel has left Dragondoor and now there is a Strongfirst certification.  The price is 1700 from what I could tell.  I couldn't find if there is a recertification for this.  RKC appears to have lowered their price to almost 1/2 at 1500.

I'm a big seminar guy, so I understand paying to learn.  I just never understood the cost of paying to play with the kettlebell.  (Then having to repay to keep the certification if that is important for your work)

The greats put out YouTube videos of step by step instructions for almost any move you can think of.  With the boom of smart phones you can literally dissect your technique if you wanted to.

Having never taken one, I don't want this to come off as bashing these seminars.  It's more of my asking the question is it really worth it?  If someone has taken one of these, please comment.  Open minded, but skeptical.

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Marc Drillings DC said...

I don't get it either. it is just some arbitrary number being judged nothing more. if that is what you see as a goal,enter a contest. I took a class with Mike Mahler, it was awesome. save your money and take another chiro seminar.