Sunday, April 6, 2014

Installing a Bike Computer on an Airdyne

I've been wanting to keep track of my Airdyne workouts for quite awhile.  I bought a cheap one off Craigslist for 50 bucks and the old computer never worked.  I installed a Sigma 509.  Thanks to Joe owner of Crossfit 8th day here in Grand Rapids, MI for helping me out.  Don't poo poo the power of the Airdyne.  You can get a tremendous and safe workout on one.

Here is how the actual set up of the bike computer can be done


Keith's Blog said...

Hi, just you need to remove the entire cage around the fan wheel in order to cut the plastic shield and attach the magnet to the spoke? I don't see any other way to do it on the airdyne.

Kevin Smith said...

Just curious, are you still using an Airdyne?
I found one for $50 that I will be purchasing, tonight.
Would you be OK with me asking some questions about them and your experience training with them?

Keith's Blog said...

Yes, I still use my old Airdyne at home and use a fancier Air Assault bike at my gym. Wow, you got lucky finding one for just $50.

What questions do you have?

Kevin Smith said...

Thanks for responding!
I just wanted to know if you knew of any good workouts for "building my engine".
I've been doing a basic "tabata" with it and that has been a real lung burner.
Any other suggestions?

Jason Ross said...

On basic recovery days you can just go for a mile pace. On a tempo day you can figure out your cadence, lets say you do 65 RPM in a minute. You do 1 minute on, 1 min off. Repeat until you can't keep that tempo.
Power endurance. All out for 5 seconds. Lets say you get it to 40. Rest 1 minute. Repeat until you can't lets say hit 37 on each 5 second all out burst.

Kevin Smith said...

Thank you, Jason. That looks real good.