Thursday, January 2, 2014

2 Cool Articles, 2 Thoughts, 2 Things to Own.

In honor of the wake of the New Year,  I read a tweet from Dave Tate owner of Elite Fitness from a article.  There is some course language, but it makes a good point I think.  6 Harsh Truths that Will Make You a Better Person.  

With the hoopla of the Rose Bowl come and gone, I've found some pretty interesting articles about the Stanford football strength coach, Shannon Turley.  Sounds like he takes a pretty interesting approach to his "strength and conditioning."  He incorporates a lot of the FMS screening into his program.  The FMS is a system of movement screens that looks at movement asymmetries, nothing more, nothing less.  People get in Internet wars over the validity, but take it for what its worth,  do you move symmetrically.  Here's a small article from NY Times.  Stanford's Distinct Training.  

Had a patient tell me she saw a Sports Orthopedist in Toledo that can regrow her cartilage in her hip using stem cells.  I'm not sure what to think of this, outside of I don't believe it.  First, I'm under the impression we haven't mastered that amazing part of science.  I think I would have heard of this as it would be on every ones social media and no one would need joint replacements anymore.  I advised a closer look.  Maybe I'm wrong though.

Had quite a few patients lose loved ones over the last month.  Unexpectedly.  No one is promised tomorrow.  Love those you love while you can.

Evernote has long ago become my favorite app I have installed on all my technology.  There is a free and paid version.  Simply put,  it is your storage of anything you can think of storing.  Documents, notes, photos, videos.  Anything.  Then you can search it.  It becomes your own personal google for YOUR STUFF.

Dan Carlins Hardcore History is a podcast that if you have any interest in history at all will blow you away.  Takes some topics that you never heard about in school and transforms it into everyday relevant information.  Takes topics you think you did know about and really gets deep into the subject.  Cool fact I learned from Wrath of the Khans about Genghis Kahn.  A typical mongul warrior could pull a bow rated at 160lbs of force back 12x a minute and hit a bird while riding a horse.  I've struggled pulling a 60lb bow back on the ground.  I'm in awe.

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