Friday, January 31, 2014

Anatomy, Lifting and a Podcast

Sartorious is the longest muscle in the body.  It is part of the Pes Anserine group.  It's and abductor and external rotator of the hip.  More importantly it can starts to work to hard when the glute med isn't doing its job.  It also counters the biceps femoris.  I find the biceps femoris to be pretty weak on most people, especially my endurance athletes.  So the Sartorious muscle takes a lot abuse and tends to be tight.

Cool way to use bands and a squat rack to do presses.  I found these feel really well and this doesn't bother my elbow mechanics.  I'm really pumped to start using these in my workouts.  (I use the fat grips all the time)  well worth the monetary investment.  This exercise I first saw from Nick Tumminello.  So if he came up with it.  Kudos!

Been finding a lot of asymmetries with peoples Band Chop lift left versus the right side.  One side seems to be much stronger then the other.  I'm going to find out what happens when the weak side becomes as strong as the easier side.  I use a Gray Cook band.  Tim Ferris talks about how this helped him iron out some insufficiency's in his movement.  

Currently listening to a podcast with BJ Barker.  I like what I'm hearing.   The first Strength Coach for Boston Redsox.  He is on Bulletproof exec. podcast.  Primal Movements with BJ Baker. 

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