Sunday, January 26, 2014

My Recent Workout Templates

I often get asked what I do for workouts.  It varies over the course of a year, but here is what I've been doing for the last few months. 

Functional Range Conditioning.  This is essentially preparing your joints for better movement.  It can be the whole workout in itself if you choose to make it.  It's a system that will prep your joints to not only have larger ROM but also prepare for a better neural integration of your muscles and power output.  The single best thing I've learned in the past year. 

Max Effort Lower body.  ME is all about getting stronger.  I choose between a few lifts.  Conventional Deadlift, Trap Bar Deadlift (low and high handle) Zercher squat.

Skills session.  These are things I just want to get better at.  Pistol squats.  Front levers.  L-sits.  Turkish get ups.

Volume/Conditioning work.  Often I will combine upper body into circuit work.  Pull up variations. Kettlebell swings. Push up variations.  Rowing variations.  Anterior Core variations.

Movement Work.  A lot is based off combining Animal Flow and Functional Range Conditioning.  If you have never done this before, this can be very tiring.  

Most workouts are done under 60 minutes.  While this a template of a "typical" workout plan that I do. It's doesn't take into account reps/volume.  For example ME work can be a single, triple, or a set of five and the sets will vary as well.  

Battling Ropes and Watt Bike work will make appearances.  Pure rest is pretty much gone even with ME work.  Try to fill every minute with productivity.  Rolling on a ball, band pull a parts, jumps, band hip thrusts are all examples of great fillers.  

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