Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Would I Want This to Be Permanent?

If you are looking to kick off the new year with better habits or a way to create stronger resolutions,  check no further then the book "The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg.  I've reviewed it before but it's just being released into paperback recently. Great read with real world practical advice that you can fit into your lifestyle.

One thought that I've had recently is the question.  "Would I want this to be permanent?"  I have found this to be a very strong indicator of incorrect or correct action.

Should I do 5 min of mobility or lay on the coach?  Eat this pie?  Floss?  You get the idea.  We want the good stuff in our life, we want the bad stuff out.   Some times the refusal to do something, means nothing, nothing is a choice though.  Not doing mobility work is choosing to be stiff and all the movement dysfunction that comes with it is your choice.

Do I want this to be a permanent?

 No one is saying homemade pie is bad,  homemade pie every day, probably not the best option.  I never have looked at trying to get rid of bad habits, but trying to create better life, which really is just better habits.  What are you choosing to put in your body?  How am I going to use my body today?  Who you associate with, your attitude towards everything, what you buy, where you go.  All are choices stemming from habits.

Every time you do something it gets slightly easier.  Perform anything new, it's hard.  New skill, new anything, usually it's not easy at first.  It's called learning!  Choosing salad over fries.  It's harder at first.  Waking up earlier or going to bed earlier.  It's hard at first.  Learning to do an Olympic Snatch, it's hard at first.  Your body and brain learn through repetition.  Every time you do something again and again, you are adding myelin to your nerves.  Making that nervous system pathway stronger, so the next time it's slightly easier.

The best analogy I've read recently is think of sliding down a snowy hill.  At first it's slow.  The second time you go on the same path, it's just a little easier.  By the 10th time you are flying down the hill.  That is learning, that is habit.  It's works for good things and bad things.

Do I want this to be permanent?

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