Monday, January 6, 2014

Strigil and Ancient Athletics

While looking over my Moleskin to transfer any important information to my new Moleskin for 2014 I came across a small note about a Strigil.

First, what it was.  A strigil was an ancient curved shape tool, made of metal,  used to scrape the skin of excess sweat, oil and dirt.  It could be part of the bathing process, but was also used after athletic competition.  There are several pictures of ancient Greek athletes using them in pottery, suggesting that it was a common practice.

My own thoughts lead more of a curiosity to how hard the strigil was pushed against the skin.  With olive oil pre applied to the body,  the metal strigil, when used with some decent pressure would essentially become a myofascial tool.  Much like the metal tools used today in modern manual therapy.

Perhaps these Greeks and Romans were doing the first self myofascial release post workout.  Just a thought.  Perhaps what we find "cutting edge," was not so so new after all.

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