Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Years 2014

This year I'm going to literally try to blog something every day.  I've gone a little lazy with the blog.  Part of it,  I read so many other great blogs, that sometimes I think that there isn't much of a point to add my two cents into the cyberworld.  I realized I had lost my true purpose of the blog, which for me was accountability and discipline.  Write about what I'm thinking, reading, learning...even if it's been said or done before.  (It probably has)  Wether it's just a quote I like, a video, a link to something else I've read or a new book I've purchased, it may not be much, but there will be something.  I want the discipline of writing something down every day.  Travel, sick, tired, busy, no excuses.  Maybe you will learn something, maybe you won't,  this isn't for you, its for me, but hopefully you will learn something and won't feel like you've wasted the 1-5 minutes of your day it will take to follow.

What are you committing to in 2014?

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