Thursday, January 16, 2014

Random and Quick

One of my favorite authors was Kurt Vonnegut.  On the blog Brain Pickings, (cool website) he gives a short poem about what it means to have enough.  Secret of Happiness.

Still amazed people think Skim Milk is a healthy option.  It's not.  Because there is not fat in it, it raises your Insulin levels faster then normal milk.  I'm not saying I think regular pasteurized milk is healthy either, but it's healthier then Skim.  It's 2014, quit being afraid of fat.

With that being said, eat an avocado per day.  Your body will thank you for it.

This is a rant. I read a lot.  I always have enjoyed it.  I can remember some of my happiest memories as a kid going to the library and finding a stack of books to take home.  I read a lot of therapy books obviously and lately they all seem to be a 100 pages of why what I'm about to read is so different and how it came about.  Fluff.  Then you get 50 pages of what the book is about.  Then 50 pages of why to do it.  I read somewhere that a book should be an article, an article a blog, a blog a tweet.  Rant over.

Are you getting excited for the Olympics?  If not, this may start to get you ready.

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