Thursday, January 9, 2014

Interesting Findings of N=1

They say N=1 doesn't matter when it comes to most things.  What works for you, doesn't mean much, what works for me, just as much.  That is why in research,  the larger the sample, the more impressive the findings.

But, for you and me, N=1 can be a powerful thing.  When we find the one thing that produces the result your after,  that's big.  Doesn't mean it will work for your family member, or your friend, but who cares!  If it works for you, wonderful.

In my clinic, sometimes N=1 can becomes N=2.  You find something that works for someone and if you ever see this complaint or situation again, you try it again.  Sometimes nothing, sometimes magic.

A few cool things that I've paid attention to that worked for one or two people.

Releasing the digastric muscle improved sleep apnea.

Squatting, produced inhibition in muscles that were previously strong on muscle testing.

Ginger root took away vertigo.

Black tea took away migraine headaches.

Releasing palmer fascia improves shoulder rotation.

The idea is to always explore and try new things.  You never know what will work.  N=1 is pretty cool in my book.

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