Saturday, August 23, 2014

Assessing Movement DVD Review

I just finished up the 6 part digital download from Movement Lectures called Assessing Movement.  This was the video from the conference that Gray Cook and Stu McGill debated with Craig Liebenson  as moderator that was in Stanford in January.  

Cook and McGill are huge in the therapy and performance world.  What you find in watching through the videos is that they actually have much more in common in approaching patients.  What I appreciate from Cook is his system of analysis and what it means for him.  What I appreciated McGill is his "It depends."  Nothing is cookie cutter.  What is good for Paul may not be good for Peter.  Think!

It's a 2 part download.  1-3 and 4-6.  Each is 45 dollars.  Would you pay 90 dollars to hear 2 of the worlds leaders speak for 5-6 hours?  I would hope so.  I was seriously considering flying to Stanford and seeing this in person.  I'm guessing dropping around 1200 dollars so 90.00 was definitely worth it.

But, If you are on a budget and are familiar with both of these guys work (you have read their books) I'd suggest the 2nd DVD download, 4-6.  I seemed to take more from that.  I think it's huge they give you the pdf and thoughts and reflections in the extras folder.  Some good stuff.

This is a highly recommended product.

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