Monday, August 4, 2014

Food, Mobility, Speed and Thoracic Spine

I enjoyed this article by Pat Davidson called Nutritionally Controlling the Autonomic Nervous System.  Basically, he thinks about how what he is ingesting is effecting his nervous system and how that sets up a cascade of events at the autonomic level.

I actually try to follow his basic outline of not eating large quantities of food for breakfast or lunch and having a large amount of food for dinner.  He is an advocate of the "bulletproof coffee," but I'd say only do it if you enjoy the taste.  I think having most of your  food at night provides a better nights sleep and allows the parasympathetic system to digest your food while you sleep and repair the body.

This is my current body project.  Increasing my hip rotation.

I never tire of watching fast guys run fast!  Here Usain Bolt takes the is history.

This was a solid article on the Thoracic Spine.  The Tspine is supposed to move. No accident that the the lumbar spine, scapula thoracic joint and cervical spine are all built more on the stability side.  So when mobility doesn't exist in the mid back, trouble can ensue.  Solving the Middle Man.

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