Friday, August 22, 2014

Random and Interesting

This is a lecture that Dr. Andreo Spina did with the Chicago Cubs earlier this year.  Functional Range Release.  Great info.

Do you think it is in the realm of performance therapists and strength coaches to pay attention or have knowledge of their female athletes menstrual cycle?  It can be a personal topic, but this paper may make you think its worthwhile information.  Association of Menstrual Cycle and ACL Injuries. 

As an update, I've been doing the Iranian Twisting Push Up every other day.  I'm in amazement at how it's making my beat up surgically repaired (made it worse) elbow is feeling.  For some reason it drives the elbow into a ROM that allows a capsular stretch.  I actually feel like I'm gaining ROM in it.  Pretty amazing.

I always take articles that are primarily designed to sell you a supplement with a grain of salt.  I found this one to be of interest though.  I always wonder what doing more reading on a computer or smart phone is doing.  Supposedly it's depleting certain compounds in our eyes.  The eye is a lipid rich organ and perhaps supplementing with Astaxanthin would help.  Astaxanthin for the eyes.

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