Friday, August 15, 2014

Keep the Glutes as Extensors - Not Hyper Extensors

Several times each month a patient comes in with a mild form of low back or SI joint pain that previously had not been there.  Originally seen for some type of hip pain that had been addressed and is usually starting back to their regular exercise program.

After much probing into history, exact exercises being done,  I've been able to confidently say it usually a form of standing hyper extension. 

They think they are working the gluteal muscles.  In reality, the glute is active from flexion to neutral.  Picture climbing a very, very high step.  That's the butt working.   When we try to make the hip go past neutral,  most (not every) people will slightly arch the back and create a lot of compression in the lumbar spine.

This is generally a way to create low back discomfort.  Often times eliminating the bad stuff is all you need to stay healthy!


Sifter said...

Trying to picture.. how would one climb a deep or high step without arching lower back? I ask because I stopped doing Hindu Squats... had NO problems with knees, but it made my SI joint bark the next day. Goblet squats... no problem.

Jason Ross said...

To really climb a high step adequate hip mobility would have to be available. But if you can lay on the ground and bring your knee to your chest, the mobility is there, but if you can't do it while standing there is a strength issue. Many times this is hidden with arching the back. Many people when you put them in this position can't activate the right muscles to push them up, they have never trained close range strength.
This video link is a good one for hindu squats...not sure how you are doing them, but not sure why it would bother and SI?