Sunday, August 24, 2014

More Random Variety on Your Weekend

I'm starting to think Foundation Training may be more then just simple glorified hip hinge.  Found this video interesting and after doing it feel my body enjoyed it especially after doing a few hours of riding my fat bike the previous day.  I'm going to play around with a variant of pushing my knees out against a resistant band instead of just pulling them in.

Speaking of fat bikes, I made the switch about a month ago.  Talk about fun!  The main reason is I can ride longer without elbow pain as the tire pressure is so low it seems to absorb more then my front shock.  Win.  Also, when it comes to fitness, for me if I can get a better workout more efficiently  (same with less time) that's a big win.  If you are dealing with vibration type pain in any joint and are a mountain biker, you may want to look into trying out a fat bike.

For people that run business out there, I found this article pretty on point.  When I first opened my clinic, I tried to do everything.  Then I started letting people who were around me have more responsibilities and it allowed me to focus more on just doing the stuff I love, Performance Therapy.
Operation Money Suck. 

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