Saturday, August 30, 2014

Weekend Coffee #5

Get your favorite coffee, sit down and peruse some good readings from the last few weeks.

Understanding pain is a very complex subject and Chronic Pain is even worse.  Sometimes an understanding of what is happening is actually very beneficial to the patient.  This was a nice article.  Teaching the Nervous System to Forget Chronic Pain.

Another Pain article, do you have a tissue problem or a pain problem.  Just framing it this way can lead to greater understanding for both patient and clinician.  Does Your Patient have a Pain Problem or Tissue problem.   Never forget that tissues heal.  

Keeping with the Pain theme, Olympic athletes and pain.  This article tells why pain is good and is needed to for sports performance.   It allows a barometer to effort.  But, the brain tells lies long before the body gives out.  Athletes are more pain tolerant.  Training to live with Pain.

Nothing to do with pain or reading, but I really enjoyed Mike Mahler interview of Tom Furman on this podcast.  As I learn more and more, I think I align my thoughts more and more with someone like Tom Furmans thinking.  Just something I've noticed about myself.  

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