Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Learn to Hip Hinge, Eat fish and Run (less then you think)

I read the book Foundation Training awhile back and have had several patients ask me about it, so I figured I would post this video.  Nice video.  I think the message is strong and valid, but I also think it's basically learning to hip hinge and breath.  Two powerful and important things, but also simple.  If you can hip hinge and breath with your diaphragm, I think you will solve most back issues.  Most, not all.

Creators: Eric Goodman from The Inertia on Vimeo.

Eat a serving of fish every week.  The more I meet people that are either personally struggling with or dealing with family members with cognitive decline, the more I want to do things that we are potentially finding to help brain health.  This study shows its not so much the omega 3's we need but just eating some baked or broiled fish.  Baked Fish Boost Brain Health.  They think perhaps because the Omega 3's weren't that vital that perhaps the study was more on lifestyle.  Either way, eat some fish.  (Not fried)

Found this little study over at Mark's Daily Apple.  5 or 50 Minutes of Running.  Basically, they took a lifestyle chart of like 50,000 people over 15 years.  What mattered for health was running 5 min a day very consistently over years.  This was for health not performance.  More didn't produce better health outcomes.  Exercise is amazing!

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