Sunday, August 17, 2014

Health and Performance

As I spent time today watching professional bike races in my hometown I can't help but look at how specific the body types become the better the racer.  Part is the old nature vs nurture.  We stay with the things we are good at. 

This applies to any sport.

The more we climb the ladder of athletic success in a specific endeavor,  the more likely we are to find overuse injuries and generally be less robust in life.  

The less robust statement is more of a question in my head lately then anything else. 
There is an epidemic of increase injuries in young people.   Ask any strength coach and performance specialist and they will tell you not to let a kid specialize.  It decreases athleticism and leads to injury.

Obviously at some point we choose a sport and pursue it to the extreme as moderation doesn't lead to success in athletics. 

My question or thoughts would be to integrate a training block in the off season that would be based off everything that isn't being trained.

For example,  I bobsleded as a side pusher for the US team for 2 seasons.  Sagittal work only.  Get big, get strong.  Run 30 meters pushing a sled as fast as you possibly can.  Aerobic work and rotational work amd tri planer work out.

I still feel I'm unglueing my hips from the lack of variety.

Just some thoughts as I watch the best at a specific activity.

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