Friday, August 29, 2014

Obesity, Microbes and Thoughts

I came across this info graphic the other day and was struck by it's clarity.  Obesity in under 20 years has risen dramatically everywhere in the US.

Is it the lack of physical exercise?  Gorging on junk food?  A combination or something else.  Growing up I think I existed on white bread, fried bologna, fruit and Tang.  I don't think my mom could get me to eat anything else.  Not sure I ate anything green until I was out of college.  LOL.  But, we didn't go to fast food and we didn't really snack.  (Perhaps it's not just the quality of the food, but the quantity)  A medium these days would have been like an extra large a few years ago.  Sun up to sun down I was running around though.  Every kid was.  We had gym class.  We rode bikes everywhere.  There was constant motion.

This article will be sure to make you rethink the obesity and food problem as well.  Do our microbes, our gut bacteria, control more then we think.  It may not be just move more and eat less when you ARE obese.  I think it's very different problem to keep obesity from happening then having an obese person reverse it.  Obesity and Gut Flora.

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