Friday, March 28, 2014

7 Easy and Cheap Ways to Measure Performance

One of my concrete take aways lately is the need to keep constant records.  Are you improving?
Here are 7 easy and low cost ways to measure performance and conditioning.

1.  Broad Jump:  Measure out 10 ft and keep track.  This is a great way to measure power.  If you need more then 10ft, congrats my friend, you are a beast.

2.  Single Leg Hop Test:  Same as above, but now you are only jumping and landing on one leg.

3.  Vertical Jump Test:  Set up same tape measure to 10ft.  Jump straight up against the wall.  Use chalk to mark the wall.

4.  Heart Rate in the Morning:  All smart phones these days can buy a .99 cent app and measure your daily heart rate before you get out of bed.  Extreme spikes may mean you are overtrained.

5.  Med Ball Throw From the Knees:  Measure how far you can throw a 20 lb med ball.  No steps are allowed.  Chest pass.  Doing it from the knees will help limit the lower body.

6.  Conditioning with a Heart Monitor:  Do something all out for 60 seconds.  Measure how long it takes you to get your heart rate back to lets say 120 bpm.

7.  Endurance:  How fast can you row a 1000m or bike 3000m.  Doesn't matter, just has to be done on the same piece of equipment.

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