Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A few cool Articles

Does the combo of Glucosamine/chondroiten and Vit C help knee arthritis?  This study seems to suggest using Navy Seals as the guinea pigs.  They were also studying the effects of this combo on DJD of the lower back.  This didn't seem to present any changes.  The abstract states that the running times never changed.  What I take away from this statement.  These dudes are insanely tough, (most likely) or somehow the motor control for running was improved.  You would think you would run faster if the knee didn't hurt!  Here is the ABSTRACT, I couldn't find the full article.  If you are taking glucosamine, which every new patient says they are, it may be prudent to add in 200mg of Vitamin C.

I thought this was a great article from the PRI people about vision and neck problems.  Some highlights is that the closer you move your face to the screen, the more the muscles of the eye and sub occipital area are forced into contractions.  They are working harder.

Keep your screen an arms length away.  Most of the screen 2/3 below eye level.  Take unfocus breaks by looking off into the distance without straining a few times an hour.  Every now and then check on your left peripheral vision.  Why left more then right?  I have no idea, I've never taken the PRI vision.  :)  PRI Vision and Computers.

Listening to Stay Alive by Jose Gonzalez  for the above reading and writing this post.

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