Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Fat Tuesday Random Rants

Fat Tuesday is here.  Here's the thing, If you are thinking of giving something up for Lent, I'm assuming you are assuming it's no good for you, but you love it so it's a sacrifice.   If you can give it up for the 40 days, don't bring it back.

Things I've heard from patients in the last few days.  "My coach has me doing a Mitochondria Workout."  Hmm...really, what exactly is that?  "It's where I don't eat anything and then ride the trainer for 45min at a decent pace, then I eat a ton of protein."  I shake my head.

"I'm heading down to see Dr. X to get some shots."  What are the shots for?  To regrow cartilage in my hip and to heal a torn labrum." Oh really?

In case you were wondering about more information on the Functional Range Conditioning or Therapy, here is a link to a podcast from Dr. Perry's Stop Chasing Pain Podcast with Dr. Andreo Spina.

A few different techniques talk about how the upper pec or clavicular head can become underused or less recruited vs the sternal head.  The clavicular head actually twists around itself as it inserts into the humerus.  The top fibers on the chest, become the bottom fibers on the arm.  A lot of this can be resolved by making sure the epimysial space between the clavicular and sternal heads are gliding correctly.   Clavicular head is more involved in flexion,  Sternal head more in extension.  Clavicular head can contribute to abduction interestingly enough.

Speaking of epimysial spaces, a very important one is the biceps femoris and the vastus lateralis.  Clearing up this area can bring a lot of help to lower extremity issues.

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