Thursday, March 27, 2014

Functional Range Release Palpation Review

I know you have you been hearing me talk a lot about the Functional Range Release technique in the last few months and there is a reason, this is my blog of my thoughts and interests and things that pertain to health and performance.  All of these pertain to the FRR system.

Since November I've been on a quest to capture the knowledge base of the FRR system.  I'm not a kool aid drinker usually,  but man...I've drunk this drink.  (So I guess I am a kool aid drinker...give me the grape)

One of the best surprises about the FRR system is the palpation.  There is a system to learn.  It's a system.  That is the beauty of it.  Systems can be learned and practiced.  Looking at an anatomy book and "knowing" where things are supposed to be is hit and miss.  Hence, this is why many reports say that inter and intra examiner palpation is very poor.  Palpation is a skill and it isn't taught in school.  You would be surprised how little anatomy is taught.  Palpation is always finding bony landmarks in school.  This is quite different then muscles and very different then memorizing origin and insertions.

I find myself lately just smiling on the inside (it may be weird to be smiling while palpating a gracillis/adductor longus epimysial groove) as I practice my palpation skills on patients.  There is a joy in getting better, working the FRR system.

Again, learning knew stuff is always awesome, but being able to immediately apply new information is amazing.  It's a skill you can practice daily, when you know the system.  I once had a mentor tell me it's all anatomy.  Know your anatomy and you will figure it out.  Very true statement.  But, digging deeper, I believe it is being able to feel the anatomy.

That my friends is palpation.  It opens the door to movement,  joint mechanics,  diagnosis, rehab and training.

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