Thursday, March 13, 2014

Finally Found a Tea I Love: Green Matcha

As an espresso lover I've had an extremely hard time finding a green tea I truly enjoy ingesting.  I've done it on principle for a bit, then given it up and always try to come back to it every couple months or so after reading another article on the health wonders of green tea.

Poor something strong into a cup, drink it.  Now put water back into the cup and swish it around.  That's what green tea has always tasted like to me.  The leftover remains of an original drink.  It was like....weak...and annoying.

I like espresso.  Strong, flavorful, bold.

I had assumed that's what green tea was, the weak after taste of a real drink.  I had tried probably like 10-12 different teas: Japanese, Chinese, imperial, white, black, purple.  Tried them all.  I had even tried what I thought was machta tea before.  Never really truly enjoyed any of them.

Finally had a real green matcha tea.  Wow.  It's strong, flavorful, bold.  It's the espresso of the tea world.  Bonus, it's even healthier then the normal green tea, with more catechin polyphenols and more antioxidants.

The tea leaves are ground, so you are eating/drinking the tea leaf.  No waste.  Pure awesome.  So if you are like me and want all the crazy, researched, proven health benefits of green tea, but have found the taste weak/lacking, try matcha,  try a few.  The health benefits are unsurpassed.


Danny Adams said...

Love my green tea, just ordered some matcha based on your post Jason. Though gotta say, after looking at the pics on ebay, it looks like pea soup!?! Hope it taste better than it looks lol

Jason Ross said...

haha...let me know what you think! Definitely better then pea soup!