Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Couple New Breathing Drills from Lois Laynee

Thanks to a few Facebook friends that were attending a Respiration course, I heard of a therapist named Lois Laynee.  Looks like she teaches a course in respiration.  I further looked and found a slide presentation that is titled Restoring Breathing for a Good Nights Sleep.

On it I found a few cool exercises today.  One is to help breathing, the other to show the differences in left and in right.

Lois Breathing for one minute:

L  Lips together
O Make an O with your mouth behind your lips.
I  Inhale and Exhale only through your nose
S  Silent breathing-Plug your ears to insure you can go to silent breathing.

This is an exercise I found very helpful if you have trouble breathing through the nose.  My right side is much more difficult.  She calls it the Nodd technique.  Plug one side of your nose and then lean as far back with your neck as you can.  You are now facing the ceiling.  Keep breathing.  Recheck your normal breathing.  Keep doing this till it improves.  Do this on each side.

Diaphragm Exercise:

Stand up.  Make a fist with your right hand and place it under your left arm pit.  Squeeze your left arm while you exhale.  Remember what you feel and how it felt.  Now switch arms and repeat.  Notice the difference?

I think this is someone I will try to learn a little more from in the future.  Until then, give the nasal breathing a try, especially before bed if you can.

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