Thursday, March 6, 2014

NSAIDS are not a Recovery Tool

Yesterday a patient presented with some patellar tendonosis.  Not patellar tendonitis as was told by the her doctor or PT.  Why is this an important distinction?  The -itis is an inflammatory condition.  The -osis is a degenerative change.  She had this pain for over 3-4 months.  High School basketball player.

Treatment of choice was they wanted to do an ultrasound using NSAIDS in the ionophoresis.  Funny how certain things in life line up, I had recently received a copy of Thomas Michauds newest book "Injury Free Running."

The forward contains some pretty powerful information on NSAIDS.  They interfere with bone remodeling.  They can actually inhibit tendon repair.  So why in the world if my goal is to help the body heal a ligament or tendon that is having degenerative changes would I pump NSAIDS into the structure.   Know the histology of what you are trying to accomplish.

On a side note I'm already 1/2 way through the book.  Very solid read.  It comes with its own highlighted high points.  So it's pretty easy to gain access to the meat and potatoes of the chapters rather quickly.  You can purchase on his website.  Human Locomotion.  

NSAIDS are not a recovery tool.  They have been shown to be an arthritic accelerator for the hip and knee in runners.  Most likely you are masking pain that allows you you keep degrading your cartilage.  But, there may be some systemic issues at play as well.

Think twice next time you go to grab the "Vitamin I" as one runner I know calls it.  Realize the relief you are getting may be prolonging or even hindering your healing process.

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