Monday, March 24, 2014

How Do You Know if Your Interventions are Working?

One of the coolest things about attending a really great seminar is that it attracts awesome therapists and coaches.  This past weekend topped them all.  One of the many highlights for me, (besides the material) was getting a chance to meet Patrick Ward in person and ask a few questions.  The dude is super knowledgeable in the area of testing, energy system development and data interpretation.  

I've listened to him a few times in various media seminars and always walked away learning a lot.  One of the take aways was having measurables in your programs.  I think I found this on my mind because part of the Functional Range Release is asking yourself the question, how do you know when you are done with the treatment.  How do you know what you are doing is working?  What are you measuring?

I do a bike workout,  is it improving my fitness?  Is my overall fitness going up week to week and month to month?  Treatment wise, lets say you are working on someones hamstring, how am I judging my intervention?  Simply pain or joint function?  Just return to play?

I think this is very interesting and important questions to ask and something I believe I've done poorly in the past.

Patrick is going to be the guest speaker at the Southwest Michigan Strength Seminar on April 26th at Niles High School.   I'm looking forward to hearing him speak and seeing what else I can learn, because I'm positive it will be a lot.  Here is the link to the seminar if your interested.  He will also be speaking in Boston in May.  Southwest Michigan Seminar.  I highly recommend attending.

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