Monday, March 31, 2014

Antibiotics Rant

You get to make choices for the health of your body everyday.  There are a few choices that can be made for the health of our planet and global health.

There is more then just healthy choices when you chose to eat grass fed beef over commercial beef.  Not only do you get all the positive nutritional aspects, you are choosing a different way of raising the cow.  You support what you want to happen in the future.  Grass fed cows are raised like they are supposed to be raised.  Grain fed cows will get sick and die.  In order not to die, they are pumped full of antibiotics.  This can then be ingested.  This can get in our groundwater.

If you have a cold, don't go and run to get an antibiotic.  Colds are viruses.  A virus is not affected by antibiotics.

If you do take an antibiotic, please Lord, finish it.  I don't know how many people have come into my office and told me that they were on an antibiotic but started to feel better, so they quit early.  This is how antibiotics become resistant.

I just read an article about how the corn worm has evolved to be resistant to the new strain of corn it was supposed to eradicated from.  Things are evolving all the time, including germs.

Here's a story that will be sure to freak you out.  A man in New Zealand died from some organism called Oxa 48.  It's resistant to every antibiotic known.  When We Lose Antibiotics.

So lets try to keep our planet from being run over by super bugs and crazy bacterial outbreaks.  I'm not ready to fight a zombie war.

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