Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What Should Our Kids Be Training For?

There is an endless debate on how kids should be training these days and a big backlash against specialization.  I'll be honest,  I used to think if I had a kid, I'd Tiger Woods him/her.  Now that I have one, I'm a little more realistic and more concerned with keeping my kid healthy/happy.  I think by doing this, I'll actually be providing them a solid base to allow them to later become, if they choose, an athlete in a particular sport.

Wouldn't a kid be better served, training like this.  (even us adults)

Then Like this?  I may be biased, but I've never seen anyone get better at a sport, by getting good at an agility ladder.  No crossover.

Getting kids back to doing things like this. (even us adults)

Here is an excellent paper that talks about the cost/benefits of early specialization.  PROJECT PLAY.

What you will notice with these videos is an emphasis on getting your body to move better and more efficiently.  If you create a large base of mobility/stability at a young age, you can build a higher pyramid in terms of athletic development.  My 2 cents.

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