Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Advice on Advancement

Listening to the sportsrehabexpert podcast last night, they were interviewing Nick Winkelman and Charlie Weingroff and they were both asked what advice they would give to someone looking to make advancement or get better in the field of strength and conditioning.

Nicks advice was more internal.  Get used to and embrace the feeling of uncertainty.  He gave an example of talking to Dan Paff, one of the greatest sprint/jump coaches of all time.  He asked Coach Paff how many days out of the year he feels like he knows what's going on.  (Has a complete handle of all the different elements that make up a successful program or situation)  This legendary coach stated 30.  That's out of 365!  It shows how much or how little there is in certainty.  My take away,  have doubts, keep searching, don't stop asking questions.

Charlie had more of an external answer.  Read 20 min every day.  Write 20 min every day.  Workout or try something you are reading about for 20 min every day.  Proud to say, I've been doing Charlies advice for quite awhile.

The combination of the two I believe, could be and is,  a powerful way to approach therapy and training. Never stop learning, take what you are learning and apply it and have doubts, they are good, they keep you sharp.

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